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Harry Jerome Awards Nomination Form – Nominee’s Information

Harry Jerome Awards Nomination Form

2024 HJA
Nominations Now Open

The BBPA Harry Jerome Award, presented by TD has been the blueprint for the recognition and reward of Black Excellence in Canada. For the past 41 years, we have been committed to promoting the narrative of Black success, perseverance and excellence despite the challenges that our community continues to face. As we begin a new year, we welcome the exciting opportunity to celebrate the excellence of selected Black professionals, community members, and social champions!

The award categories include but are not limited to leadership, sports, technology, business, diversity, arts and entrepreneurship. These nominees and eventual recipients model what success, accomplishment, social awareness and excellence means despite working most times, in the shadows.

We invite you to sieze this opportunity to recognize members of our community and within your networks, who have made a unique difference in the society, through your nominations. You also have the opportunity to nominate yourself, should you meet the eligibility criteria. Whether nominees are blazing the trail in the field of science, innovation, business, art, leadership, or diversity, you have the power to shed some light on their work so they can be celebrated. These nominees give us the hope and motivation to continue to strive for excellence and a better future for our community and the next generation.

Nominations for the 2024 BBPA Harry Jerome Awards must be received by the deadline January 6th, 2024 at 11:59 pm.