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General Rules – Nomination Package BBPA Harry Jerome Awards


General Rules – Nomination Package

About the BBPA Harry Jerome Awards

The BBPA Harry Jerome Awards is a prestigious celebration of achievement within the Black community, representing a significant fundraiser in support of the Black Business and Professional Association (BBPA). The BBPA is dedicated to promoting the advancement of the Black-Canadian community in critical areas such as education, economic and entrepreneurial development, and the training and development of young professionals.

These awards serve as a platform to showcase, recognize, and honor excellence within the African-Canadian community. By acknowledging the outstanding contributions of African-Canadian professionals who have made a significant and positive impact on Canadian society, the Harry Jerome Awards inspire a commitment to excellence and civic duty among others.

Award Categories

The BBPA Harry Jerome Awards, distinguished as Canada’s most prestigious national awards gala honoring the African-Canadian community, encompass a diverse range of categories. These categories include:

  1. Athletics: Recognizing exceptional achievements and contributions to the world of sports and athletics.
  2. Leadership: Acknowledging visionary leadership and the ability to effect positive change in various sectors.
  3. Young Entrepreneur (age 18 – 39): Celebrating the innovative spirit and accomplishments of young entrepreneurs.
  4. Business: Honoring outstanding success and leadership in the business world.
  5. Professional Excellence: Recognizing individuals who have demonstrated exceptional expertise and accomplishments in their respective professions.
  6. Arts/Media Entertainment: Commending excellence in the arts, media, and entertainment industries.
  7. Health Sciences: Recognizing exceptional achievements and contributions in the field of health sciences.

Nominees for these awards are selected through a comprehensive nomination process involving individuals and organizations from across the country. Additionally, the Board of Directors reserves the authority to bestow the President’s Award, Lifetime Achievement Award, and Diversity Award.

Nomination Guidelines

Nomination packages for the BBPA Harry Jerome Awards must adhere to the following general rules:

  1. Eligibility: Nominees must be of African-Canadian descent or have made significant contributions to the African-Canadian community.
  2. Nominator Requirements: Nominations can be submitted by individuals or organizations. Self-nominations are also accepted.
  3. Submission Deadline: All nomination packages must be submitted by the specified deadline, as announced annually.
  4. Required Documentation: Nomination packages should include a comprehensive nomination form, nominee’s biography, letters of recommendation, and any relevant supporting materials that highlight the nominee’s accomplishments and contributions.
  5. Accuracy: All information provided in the nomination package must be accurate and verifiable.
  6. Confidentiality: The selection process and all information submitted within nomination packages will be treated with the utmost confidentiality.
  7. Award Categories: Nominees should be nominated for the award category that best aligns with their achievements and contributions.
  8. Board of Directors Awards: The President’s Award, Lifetime Achievement Award, and Diversity Award are selected solely by the BBPA’s Board of Directors.
  9. Announcement of Recipients: Award recipients will be announced at the BBPA Harry Jerome Awards media event, during Black History Month
  10. Continued Support: Encourage ongoing support for the awards by nominating deserving individuals and organizations, even if they have been nominated in previous years.
  11. Inspiration: The awards aim to inspire excellence, civic duty, and continued contributions to the betterment of society.
  12. Contact Information: For inquiries or assistance with the nomination process, please contact the BBPA directly.

The BBPA Harry Jerome Awards celebrate the remarkable achievements and contributions of the African-Canadian community and strive to empower future generations to reach new heights of excellence. We invite you to participate in this inspiring journey of recognition and celebration.