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Diana Alli D’Souza

Diana Alli DSouza

Diana Alli D’Souza

Diversity Award

Diana founded her organization as inspired by her role models and spiritual mentors: Ghandi, Mandela and Mother Teresa. Diana Alli has held many distinguished positions at the Faculty of Medicine and University of Toronto for the past 38 years as: Senior Officer, Service Learning, Community Partnership and Student Life, Coordinator and Business Officer, Admissions Officer, Awards Officer and UofT Diversity representative nationally. She has left her indelible mark through her tireless contributions in enhancing the student experience in numerous Faculty of Medicine programs. A passionate trailblazer on Social Responsibility, Diana has founded and co-founded over 21 outreach programs in the Faculty of Medicine serving underrepresented and marginalized populations in the Greater Toronto community, from mentoring and tutoring, to assistance for the homeless and isolated seniors.

Diana’s vision of making her difference led her to spearhead global scale benefit concerts through the University of Toronto International Health Program (UTIHP) and Medical Society – including Earthtones and Rhythms and Dance raising tens of thousands of dollars for destitute children around the world. Through Books with Wings and UofTsGotTalents Benefit Concert, medical textbooks have filled libraries in war-torn and developing countries such as Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Ethiopia and Indigenous Southwestern Library on behalf of former Lft. Governor James Bartleman Program. Diana has served on numerous Board of Directors including Governing Council for six years, Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund (Canada), Build our Wealth, Change Your Future (Learning Partnership Canada), Woodgreen Community Service, and University task forces and committees.

She is the recipient of multitude of awards including: more than ten medical school graduation awards given to her by medical students for role-modelling, compassion and excelling the students experience; U of T’s Centre for Health Promotion individual award for her passion, dedication and long years of commitment in serving the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs of students on campus as well as the larger Toronto community for the past 30 years; and the 2001 UofT Chancellor’s Award for outstanding contributions by an administrative staff member, and co-recipient of the Faculty of Medicine’s Aikins esteemed teaching award. For her concern for the welfare of students and her dedication to student life evident in her contributions as a member of the Governing Council, Diana received UofT’s most prestigious Arbor Alumni Award.

During her six years on the council, she served on several committees including the University Affairs Board, elections committee, and executive board. Diana has also been recognized locally by many community organizations and nationally by AAMC Northeast Group on Student Affairs for student advocacy. She is the recipient of the prestigious the Order of Ontario, and the 2012 Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal. The Canadian medical students established The Clinician Investigator Trainee Association of Canada (CITAC) “Diana Alli Community Service Award” available to MD-PhD students nationwide, will be given to a student demonstrating outstanding community service, in recognition of the “national and global impact” she has had over the course of her distinguished career. University of Toronto’s undergraduate medical students MedSoc also established the Diana Alli Award in recognition of the enormous contributions she has made to student life for medical students and to the broader community through initiatives including the Summer Mentorship Program, Earthtones, and University of Toronto International Health Programs. The award will be presented annually to the graduating medical student who demonstrates a commitment to enhancing student life and community outreach throughout all four years of undergraduate medical education. Diana retired after serving the University of Toronto for almost four decades. Her continued interest in altruism and social responsibility has led her to inspire youth and engage our elderly, globally, through “Access Empowerment Council”.