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Trent Out Loud

Trent Out Loud

Young Entrepreneur Award

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Trent Out Loud (Mr. Trent Exclucity) is the founder & CEO of Exclucity, a producer & host of Trent Out Loud, creative director, international brand developer, consultant, motivational speaker, personality and international model. Trent has over a decade of experience in retail, marketing, and brand development, on top of his prior history in the music industry, management, and modeling.

Sixteen years ago, Trent was selling durags and long tees from the trunk of his car. His determination, grit, and street smarts saw this naturally born entrepreneur scale his business to a multi-million-dollar national brand all on his own, with $60 million in gross sales and over 500 million shoes sold.

The Trent Out Loud series on IGTV and YouTube features Trent doing interviews with some of the biggest names in the game, from Jeff Staple to Conceited NYC from Nick Cannon’s hit MTV show Wild’n Out.