Bishop James was born in Trelawney, Jamaica, and graduated from the West Indies School of Public Health, and immigrated to Canada in 1969. James is married to Rev. Rosenda who co pastors with him and they have three children.

Dr. Audley N. James is the Founder and Senior Pastor of Revivaltime Tabernacle Worldwide Ministry (RTT). The majority of his churches budget goes towards youth initiatives and his church is the only one in the city that dedicates seven weeks of the summer to youth activities, “because I see them as the future for everything, if our community is going to survive in this country, or anywhere, it will have to do so, not on the backs of the seniors who are gone, but on the new generation going to come in. So all that I have learned and acquired in life I seek to pass it on to the young people,” said Reverend Dr. Audley James. Bishop James is a great Christian Minister and a well sought after speaker who has ministered in Canada, USA, the West Indies, Africa and Israel.  He is admired in the Christian and international communities and in 2012 he was appointed International Advisor to the Pan African Parliament.

Canada Christian College honored him with Doctor of Divinity and later installed him as Bishop.   He also holds an Honorary Doctorate of Humanities from Canon University. In addition to his pastoral duties at RTT, he served as Chaplain of the Jamaica National Building Society and the Jamaica Diaspora here in Canada.  He is an excellent baritone and won a bronze medal for baritone in the 1965 National Festival of Music in Jamaica.




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