Leanne Prendergast

Leanne Prendergast is the President and Co-Founder of Love our Lives, a not for profit organization that is based in Ontario. She is also the co-author of a self-help book called, Getting to Know Me, which was written because of her personal experience of being bullied as a child. Her book provides support for girls, their families and other support workers in identifying the tell-tell signs of bullying and how to find help and support. She is a respected motivational speaker, activist and is a voice of change, both nationally and internationally. She also provides workshops, seminars and programs within schools and community events to address the effects of bullying on girls and young women in schools, in relationships and within organizations. She is a frequent speaker at many conferences and events, speaking at WE Day, has done a TED Talk and many more.


Leanne Prendergast is the recipient of the Commonwealth Youth Award, the Top 20 Under 20 National Award, the Attorney General’s Victim Services Award of Distinction, the Louise Russo W.A.V.E. Award, the Leading Women Building Communities Provincial Award, the Future Aces and John Brooks Award and scholarship, the BBPA Scholarship, the EFCCC Scholarship, and the CYSA Scholarship for her work in leadership and community development. In 2016, Leanne graduated with an honorary bachelor’s degree in Human Rights and Equity studies from York University. She is currently enrolled in the Queen’s Young Leaders Program from the University of Cambridge, in England.


Today, Leanne continues to work on programs that help build self esteem and confidence in young girls, while providing the necessary tools to shape a future generation of resilient and self sufficient young women. As she works toward implementing these programs within the education system, her aim is that policies will be put in place to address the travesty of bullying within our society.




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