Gabrielle Fletcher

As a student, I have set my sights on having a career in Corporate Law, to represent Canadian corporations who are community conscious. Studying at Schulich School of Business is the first step towards achieving my goal as a corporate lawyer.

In high school, I was fully involved academically and socially. I was an Honor Roll ‘A’ student throughout  my  high  school  years  and  was  named  an  Ontario  Scholar.  I  was  also  given recognition by the National Society of High School Scholars, an international organization that distinguishes the achievements of high school students.

At the end of high school I was the recipient of several awards and scholarships: the Tiffany Harris Scholarship from the Jamaican Canadian Association (2014), the Royal Bank Scholarship through the BBPA National Scholarships (2014), the Chapel Ridge Scholarship from the Markham African Canadian Caribbean Association (2014), and the Alliance of Jamaica Alumni Associations scholarship (2014). In 2015, I was acknowledged at the Harry Jerome Awards Ceremony as a past BBPA scholarship recipient.

My high school academic achievements opened the door to Schulich School of Business, one of the most prestigious business schools in Canada. Schulich has exposed me to various aspects of business, both academically and practically. During my three years of study, I have gained in-depth knowledge from my courses that I know I can apply to my career in the future. The school has helped me to develop mental perspicacity, always pushing me out of my comfort zone. With knowledge gained from my courses and exposure to the corporate world combined with my own hard work, I continued to maintain a high academic standard, receiving multiple A’s.

While studying at the Schulich School of Business, I have been working part time at Cargill Kert LLP as a legal secretary and at the Town of Richmond Hill as a Program Instructor.




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