Floydeen Charles Fridal

Floydeen Charles Fridal is a change agent who, for the last 30 years, has demonstrated her commitment towards improving the lives of others through her work in the community.  Floydeen has been involved in the Black Health Alliance since 2001 and served on its Steering Committee and its Board of Directors from 2005-2009. With the Black Health Alliance, Ms. Charles-Fridal was the brainchild behind the community-based research study entitled “How Scarborough’s Black Youth Access The Health Care System”, the Let’s Talk About Speaker Series and was part of the Transitional Steering Committee for the TAIBU Community Health Centre, a centre for excellence in community health serving Black communities and is the first of its kind in Canada and where she served as the first president of the Board of Directors. Floydeen Co-lead the “Drumcall to Ottawa, funded by the Heart and Stroke Foundation.

Ms. Charles-Fridal’s years of working with non-profit organizations has resulted in the development of social and health services programs, strategic business and operational planning, program implementation and operations.In her role as Program Director at Rexdale Community Health Centre, Floydeen facilitated a think tank to address the issues of violence in Rexdale (Jamestown).  She also successfully wrote a proposal to the City of Toronto, to secure funding for the Centre to develop the Coalition of Rexdale Organizations for the Prevention of Youth Violence (CORO-PYV) Project in order to address the absence of a coordinated response to youth violence and prevention in Rexdale.  Floydeen also developed a community crisis response protocol for Rexdale and B427 Communities.   She is one of the two first African-Canadians certified by the National Organization of Victims Assistance as a crisis response trainer.


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