Dr. Boluwaji Ogunyemi

Dr. Boluwaji Ogunyemi is Chief Dermatology resident physician at the University of British Columbia and Director of Communications of Resident Doctors of British Columbia. He has backgrounds in epidemiology, sociology, medical education, communications, and leadership. Dr Ogunyemi is an award-winning writer in the areas of diversity and inclusion, medical humanities, and medical education.

In addition to the Huffington Post, Dr Ogunyemi has been published in The New York Times, The Globe and Mail, The Vancouver Sun and several other print and electronic media outlets. His original articles about diversity and inclusion and medical humanities have been used in anti-racism workshops and his writing has been translated into French and Portuguese.

Dr  Ogunyemi  has  received  multiple  awards  in  the  areas  of  leadership,  academic achievement, clinical research, writing, and advocacy. His clinical experience has spanned from Lagos, Nigeria and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam to Inuit communities in rural Labrador and Refugee Medicine in British Columbia.




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