Established in 1983, the BBPA Harry Jerome Awards celebrates excellence and achievement in the Black community. This formal dinner and awards gala is the premier event in the Black community and one of the most prestigious Black events in Canada. A highly valued symbol of achievement, the BBPA Harry Jerome Award is a recognized possession of the business people, professionals, athletes, academics, artists and community leaders who receive it. Award recipients are selected from among Canada-wide nominees recommended by business and professional colleagues, teachers, relatives and friends.  Awards are in the following categories:

  • Arts, Entertainment, and Media
  • Athletics
  • Business
  • Community Service
  • Diversity
  • Health Sciences
  • Leadership
  • Lifetime Achievement
  • President’s
  • Trailblazer
  • Young Entrepreneur

Selection process

With the exception of winners of the Lifetime Achievement Award, the Diversity Award, the President’s Award and the Trailblazer Award that are selected by the BBPA Board of Directors, award winners are selected by an independent selection committee.

All nominees must be African Canadian; however, for the President’s Award & the Diversity Award, the BBPA Board of Directors may from time to time award an individual who is not from the African Canadian community for contributions that benefit persons of African heritage.

Important Notice

The BBPA endeavors to treat every nomination and nominee with the out-most courtesy and respect. It is anticipated that only in rare circumstances would nominations or nominees be declined or awards withdrawn. However, the BBPA reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to make decisions regarding the BBPA Harry Jerome Awards, including declining nominations, declining any particular nominee or group of nominees, withdrawing or cancelling an award category, cancelling or postponing the Harry Jerome Awards. This also applies to selected recipients and includes the decision to withdraw an award after it has been presented to a recipient.

The BBPA, its members, directors, agents, volunteers, sponsors and affiliates, successors and assigns will not be held liable to any nominee or recipient or their agents, successors or assign for any discretion to exercise the discretion here described in this Important Notice.

This Important Notice is in addition to what has been indicated elsewhere in this Call for Nominations, and if there is any conflict between what is said elsewhere in this or any other communication produced by the BBPA regarding the Harry Jerome Awards, this Important Notice takes priority.

By participating in the selection process, including sending in a nomination, accepting a nomination and accepting an award you are agreeing to the terms of this Call for Nominations and Important Notice.