Partnerships Matter

People do business they trust, trust is built on relationship.


What if meetings could be as enjoyable with your friends?

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The best part about events is that in bringing people together.

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Getting a product in front of the right people is integral to its success.

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About Us

After years in the industry, we realized was a gap in how corporate events are executed and how they SHOULD be. What was lacking was strategic direction, a way to ensure that the investment put into corporate events would see a return. We understood that just as important as connecting is having a good time, and with that in mind we set out to create classy, chic events that bring together the best in society and the best in entertainment.

The focus of our events is the building of relationships—the kind that last for more than a night, and that result in valuable partnerships and further social expansion. But we also believe that we shouldn’t have to sacrifice a good time to do so, which is why our events are tailored to our audiences, and keep people coming back year after year.

Forging bold, strong partnerships

Since the inception of Shmuuze, we have had one major goal: to help you MAKE YOUR BUSINESS BOLD. The best way to do this is to develop relationships with the right people—whether they be bold personalities themselves, talented individuals ripe for collaboration, or connected industry experts who are ready to help take your business to the next level.

“We are experts who design events that help our clients and their audience lead better, easier, happier lives.”
  • Lorenzo B. Smith
    Lorenzo B. Smith FILM MAKER
  • Christine Lawson
    Christine Lawson CEO
  • Janet K. Mays
    Janet K. Mays Creative Writer

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