35 TH Annual BBPA Harry Jerome Awards Media Accreditation Form

All media are required to submit an accreditation form prior to the 35 th Annual BBPA Harry Jerome Awards and Media Launch. There will be no opportunity for accreditation on-site at the event. Please answer the questions in full or the request will not be processed. You will receive a fax or e-mail confirmation in advance of the event.
Please Note: photographs, filming and interviews will not be permitted in the main hall during the dinner hour or inside the VIP Reception (ample time and arrangement will be made to meet deadlines before and after dinner).

Title/Media Outlet
Supervising Editor’s Name/Contact Info
Accompanying Photographer/Cameraperson
Expected Coverage
(i.e. describe feature, photo spread, listings, etc. and expected date of coverage)

Spokesperson interviews

Awards Recipients

I agree to provide the Black Business & Professional Association with a copy of resulting coverage by
uploading the content to a secure FTP and by providing a hard copy of the footage.

Please return the accreditation form by e-mail: marketing@bbpa.org to the attention of Dawn Matthew and
Nadine Spencer at nadine@brandeq.com no later than 2pm on Friday April 14, 2017.